The Silk Road Fair Trade Market is a gift shop of fair trade items from around the world.  Choose from a large selection of global jewelry, purses, nativities and nativity sets, chocolate, home decor, elephant and giraffe figurines, wallhangings, coffee, tea, serving spoons, mugs, dishes and other kitchen items, scarves, skirts and tops, baskets, placemats, tablecloths, games, toys, measuring tapes, and recycled silk yarn.  Alll of our items are fairly traded, or ethically traded.  This means with every purchase, you can decrease poverty, improve education, fight modern day slavery, and protect the environment.

Welcome to The Silk Road Fair Trade Market!

The Silk Road Fair Trade market is a global marketplace of extraordinary handcrafted gifts in New Wilmington, PA. From nativity scenes and jewelry, to decor and clothing, each handmade item has a story to tell. All of our products are fair-trade certified or ethically traded. This guarantees our artisans receive fair wages, safe working conditions, and the dignity that comes with self sufficiency.

Some of our programs provide microloans to women-owned businesses, education for street children, rehabilitation of marginalized women, and the building of schools, hospitals, and safe drinking water systems.

Why the Silk Road?

Our marketplace name comes from the ancient Silk Road trading route. During the 1st century, this network of trading routes extended from eastern China through the Middle East and Northern Africa into Italy and Greece. As traders traveled into the various cultures and civilizations, they shared their art, religion, and technology, which led to a cross-cultural understanding.

This is exactly what we want to achieve, our own Silk Road. Our goal is to provide fair trade for artisans all over the world, as well as an appreciation and understanding for other cultures. We invite you to step into the Silk Road Market, see the extraordinary gifts our artisans make, and listen to the stories they have to tell.

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The Silk Road Fair Trade Market, phone 724-946-8502,
located at 115 N. Market, #1, New Wilmington, Pa  16142
Open Tuesday - Saturday (10-5), Thurs evening to 6, closed Sunday and Monday
The Silk Road Fair Trade Market - New Wilmington PA
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