Middle East Artisans

Holyland Handicrafters: Palestine

In Palestine where conflict between various ethnic and people groups is common, there is a need for financial
stability. In addition, artists of Palestine long depended on tourists as their source of income. However, now
that tourism is not commonplace, financial stability is difficult.

Holyland Handicrafters provides finding new markets outside of Palestine for these talented artisans. They
provide an outlet for approximately 40 artisans to create and sell their goods.

Holyland Handicrafters is also working to end discrimination. By not favoring if a particular shop is Christian or Muslim, they are bringing together opposing views to back behind a common cause of selling beautiful handmade goods.

Masters Handicrafts: Kyrgyzstan

With bride kidnapping and women's abduction a huge issue in Kyrgyzstan today, many people often ignore
the good that is coming out of the country. Master's Handicraft helps women who have traditional artistic
talents develop art.

However, Master's Handicrafts keeps the family nature of Kyrgyzstan at the core. They cherish the
traditional way of creating art that is handed down between women as well as maintaining family
relationships. By not forming a guild, they are able to work directly with different families in buying and
selling of goods.

One incredible story is that of Gulya and her mother. Gulya supports her elderly mother and her two young   
adult daughters by creating figurine sets. However, Gulya is mostly deaf and only communicates through Russian sign language and reading lips.
Master's Handicrafts gives people like Gulya equal opportunity to work and be encouraged.

Dominion Trading: Pakistan
There are a multitude of religions and ethnic tribes in Pakistan, which leads to one of the many reasons why the country has been volatile for years.    
Dominion Traders, based in Karachi, Pakistan works with the diverse amount of artisans in this region. Through this cooperative, artisans across those  
groups are working together to bring their product to market, showing that peace is possible. In addition to the peace that is created, benefits to artisans

include profit sharing, pension plans and medical plans.

The Silk Road Fair Trade Market, phone 724-946-8502, info@silkroadmkt.com
located at 115 N. Market, #1, New Wilmington, Pa  16142
Open Tuesday - Saturday (10-5), Thurs evening to 6, closed Sunday and Monday