South American Artisans

Comparte: Chile
Small artisan groups face a daunting challenge.  They have amazing skills, the desire to sell their products for a fair wage, but they have no resources to 
be able to do so.  They don't have internet for access, knowledge of overseas contacts, or experience in shipping product throughout the world.  Their
only hope is an organization willing to coordinate their products with those of other groups. 

Comparte is one of those groups.  Over 400 artisan groups can now achieve a better life as their products are shipped to over 30 countries around the
world.  In addition, assistance is given to teach them more efficient ways to maintain inventory and raw materials as well as production, while
maintaining a safe environment.

Comparte is also unique in that they offer workshops for product development to meet the needs of artisan groups and clients.

Pueblo: Ecuador
Water.  We all use it, but rarely appreciate how valuable it is.  This cooperative began in 1992 as a water project in Ecuador.  Village by village, they
would build drinking water mains, septic systems, and pave roads.  Since a village needs income to survive, focus was given to building a beekeeping
enterprise, organic agriculture and sustainable artistry.

Pro Pueblo is a group that is well focused. They focus on raising living standards, improving basic infrastructure, job training, employment and
international marketing of high quality Ecuadorian products. They join together hundreds of formerly independent artisans to create a community
network. This network increases initiative, confidence, stability and empowerment among the Ecuadorian people.

The Silk Road Fair Trade Market, phone 724-946-8502,
located at 115 N. Market, #1, New Wilmington, Pa  16142
Open Tuesday - Saturday (10-5), Thurs evening to 6, closed Sunday and Monday